5 actions to take this new year for a more sustainable lifestyle

Are you looking to start this new year on a more sustainable note? We combined 5 actions you can start taking now that will help you be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

The key to success is to start small and one step at a time so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. If you are trying to reduce your waste, for example, don’t put yourself under pressure to reduce your entire trash bag to a jar. Most likely this will be too hard and you will want to give up. Instead, start with one action, then another, then another and you will see at the end of the year how much of a positive impact you would have made. 

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Action #1: Eat less meat

Reducing your meat consumption really is one of the most impactful actions you can take for the Earth. The production of meat is responsible for up to 50%  of the global greenhouse gas emissions. It is also responsible for mass deforestation, air and water pollution, and species extinction. 

Start step by step:

✅ If you are used to eating meat every day, cut meat from your diet simply one day a week.

✅ If you already don’t eat meat every day, be a weekday vegetarian and only eat meat over the weekend.

✅ If you are already vegetarian, cut all dairy from your diet once a week.

SellSage Compostable Tableware

Action #2: Start composting

Starting composting at home is really not that hard and can be done in your backyard, on your patio, or even inside your apartment.

This is something that can really help reduce the amount of trash you collect while actually creating healthy fertilizer.

From earth, back to earth.

When organic waste ends up in the landfill it doesn’t have the proper properties and space to decompose. It really is a waste of waste. 

If you can’t start a compost at home, research local organizations that can pick up your compost.

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Action #3: Say no to single-use plastics

Say no to plastic straws, carry a reusable water bottle, start buying in bulk and bring your own containers instead of accumulating plastic packaging, stop using plastic cutlery and tableware and switch to SellSage compostable tableware made from palm leaf. 

Action #4: Switch to natural soaps, shampoo, and cleaning products

We don’t always realize that what goes down the drains also has an impact on the Earth and is part of our waste.

The chemical cleaning products and industrial soaps that we use hold hidden chemicals that are both bad for our health and for the environment.

Switching to natural soaps, shampoos and cleaning products can solve this issue. The packaging of these products are also usually more sustainable.

natural soaps

Action #5: Buy local and support sustainable businesses

You vote every day with your dollars. Buying local food but also other everyday products help reduce shipping which has a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Paying attention to the companies you buy from and their internal practices and mission is also really important: where do they get their ingredients from, how do they manufacture their products, what organization do they support, etc. Look for green certification like Bcorp, 1% for the planet. Click here to know which sustainable certifications you should look for and what they mean. 

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Thank you for your efforts to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram @sellsage for daily tips. 

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ecofriendly actions to take this year
ecofriendly actions to take this year
ecofriendly actions to take this year
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