How to empower others to be eco-friendly

When we start our eco journey, it feels like a light finally turned on and we want everyone to know how good, fulfilling, not that hard but especially how important it is! 

But how can we really share that eco-friendly bug and empower others to live a more sustainable life?

1. Don’t try to convince others and focus on your self-growth

One of the most important lessons is to not spend all your energy trying to convince others to do what you do. This might turn people away and drain your energy.

Stay humble as there are many ways to keep improving. Keep learning, working on yourself, and making sustainability a central part of your life. 

You’ll be surprised by how many people you will inspire. Not by trying to convince them and making them wrong. But by showing them a new way of doing it. 

You will also be surprised to see that some people may not have the same eco-friendly journey as you but are tackling the problem from a different angle. We can all learn from each other in that case. 

2. Genuinely share your knowledge

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to stay quiet. Use your social media platforms, talk about it during conversations and share what you find out. The decision to live a sustainable life has to be made on knowledge. You can open that door. Share books you are reading, social media accounts you recommend to follow, documentaries you’ve found interesting… 

Again, this is not in an attempt to convince other people. But simply providing more resources for those starting to get curious about your new lifestyle. Don’t point fingers. Instead, show how impactful it has been for you and open the dialogue for questions or conversations about it.

3. Make eco-friendly gifts & ask for those as well

A great way to introduce someone to eco-friendly options is by making eco-friendly gifts. This will also help you stay committed to your values and make meaningful gifts. 

Think of gifts they will need, that will be easy for them to use – you don’t want something too complicated or time-consuming, if they aren’t convinced yet this will end up in the back of a drawer. 

If people ask you what you want for your birthday or Christmas, make a list of eco-friendly products and companies you like! This will also introduce them to sustainable brands.

4. Let other people experience sustainability through you

Embrace who you are and don’t be afraid to share that experience with others. Next time you host a party, for example, make your favorite vegetarian recipes, use compostable tableware, serve organic wine. You don’t necessarily need to mention it and make a big speech about it. At the end of the day, this isn’t the goal of the party but you are helping other people understanding experiencing a sustainable lifestyle.

For more tips on how to host an eco-friendly party, read this

Lead the way, stay humble, have open conversations, and stay focus on your efforts. We assure you that your positive energy will be contagious. You might be disappointed that some of your loved ones don’t follow that path, but you may also be surprised by how you’ve influenced some people you would have never thought of! 

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