Give back as a business & have a positive impact

Being a conscious business isn’t just about the product or service you offer to your clients. It’s also about how you do business and ensuring that all aspects of the business have a profound positive impact on the environment and the communities around you. 

Every company started for a reason. And while the pursuit of profit has been the key driving force for many, recently, a new wave of purpose-driven passionate businesses has emerged. All of whom are choosing a different path in business. 

More and more companies now realize the importance of giving back.

Employee donation-matching programs, in which corporations match the monetary donations of their employees, are an excellent way for businesses to give back. However, exploring new ways to contribute to communities simultaneously improves both employee and customer engagement and also creates a great impact on the lives of those they choose to support.


There are plenty of meaningful ways to give back rather than a once-off monetary donation. Giving back to your community and caring for your local ecosystem is a great way to bring your employees together and raise awareness of local and global environmental challenges. You get to create some direct positive impact without hurting your finances.  


We are very aware of how every choice we make has a direct impact on everything around us. Therefore, connecting with our local community is something we love!


Here are some great ways you can do this as a business. Some may even surprise you!

1. Give away some of your extra products

One of the most important lessons is to not spend all your energy trying to convince others to do what you do. This might turn people away and drain your energy.

Stay humble as there are many ways to keep improving. Keep learning, working on yourself, and making sustainability a central part of your life. 

You’ll be surprised by how many people you will inspire. Not by trying to convince them and making them wrong. But by showing them a new way of doing it. 

You will also be surprised to see that some people may not have the same eco-friendly journey as you but are tackling the problem from a different angle. We can all learn from each other in that case. 

2. Donate your space to a charity that needs it

Nonprofits and charities are always seeking spaces to use for meetings, events, and fundraisers. So, why not let them use your empty after-hours workspace to do so? Collaboration with local charities is a powerful way to get your business seen.

3. Team building through volunteering

Setting aside time to volunteer not only benefits the community but is a great way to connect more with your employees and to connect with like-minded people. There is also the possibility that you might learn something new! 

There are so many ideas to choose from! From volunteering your time to help organic farmers (check out the WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), to helping plant trees, the opportunities are endless. According to Arbor Day Foundation trees help combat climate change, clean pollutants from the air, produce oxygen, reduce pollution caused by water runoff, prevent soil erosion, provide vital wildlife habitats, save us energy by providing cooling and shade, and even reduce violence in urban neighborhoods. That’s pretty amazing!

Another action we are found of is to participate in a beach or lake clean-up. Did you know the International Coastal Cleanup Day is on September 18th?

Check out our blog all about the importance of beach clean-ups and the impact they have here: 

What about joining an organization such as Great Lake Great Responsibility or any other local organization to celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day!

Participating in volunteering actions, meeting the communities, giving back your time and your energy to a cause that matters to you makes your business even more meaningful.  

Education in business is also a key ingredient in raising awareness and encouraging people to become active participants in matters of global importance. SellSage provides multiple educational resources for people to access, including our Instagram page and this blog! We often post educational posts raising awareness about topics close to our hearts, such as plastic pollution, compostable products, conscious travel, and ecosystem restoration. 

Through education, awareness is created, and from awareness comes action!


SellSage is proud to be a company dedicated to leaving the earth in a better shape than we found it. We aim to inspire and encourage other businesses to think outside of the box, have more awareness of their impact on the environment, and create great working environments for their employees. 

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