The 5 Eco-Friendly Objects We Never Thought We Would Adopt… & Now We Can’t Live Without!

When a new trend starts, it can be hard at first to hop on the train. 

Even within the eco-friendly movement! 

Even though we know it is better for the planet, resistance to giving it a try still shows up. 

Resistance to change. To try something new. To give up an old habit. 

We first think that’s too weird, too “out there”, not practical enough.

Then someday, somehow, we give it a try and we realize “oooh, that’s why everyone has been talking about it”. 

And we’re hooked!

Well, well, well.

We asked the SellSage team to share that 1 eco-friendly object they never thought they would adopt at first, and now are loving and can’t live without! 

Let’s see if that can inspire you to give it a try as well. 

1. Bamboo razors

For Christina, bamboo razors are now one of her favorite eco-friendly objects! 

Safety razors can look a bit scary at first. We’re afraid to cut ourselves, to manipulate the blade…

But going from disposable razorS to ONE bamboo safety razor is actually a pretty smooth transition! 

Having a safety razor is convenient, changing the blade is not hard at all, and it is so much more sustainable!

No more throwing away a whole razor every few weeks! One safety razor will stay with you for a long time! And when it’s time to dispose of them, they are still a much better alternative to plastic! 

2. Organically made and locally sourced toothbrushes and toothpaste

Libinth made the switch to natural dental hygiene. And he is not going back! 

Did you know that a lot of chemicals included in industrial toothpaste are used to create a certain taste and foam in your mouth? 

It’s more about how it looks like than the actual benefits!

Let’s drop the idea that toothpaste needs to look, taste, feel a certain way and instead let’s focus on the natural ingredients that help keep our mouths clean!

For example, neem wood is amazing to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.  

3. Solar Powered Chargers

Punith started using a solar power charger to charge his phone and has found it to be really useful while also helping him save electricity. 

4. AC Temperature Control Device

Yash installed a device to help him control the temperature of his air conditioner. It automatically turns off the AC when a comfortable temperature is reached without manual intervention.

He has saved a considerable amount of electricity and money! 

5. Menstrual Cup

Sneeha was skeptical about trying the menstrual cup at first. However, she has been using it for three years now, and absolutely loves it.

It helps reduce so much waste as opposed to other hygiene products.

You can keep your cup for years. It just needs boiling water for maintenance. 

What is one waste you would like to reduce? One object you would like to switch to a more sustainable alternative?

Give it a try! You might be surprise! 

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