How Can Restaurants Reduce Their Waste, Do Good For The Planet & Save Money

SellSage met with John Charles Meyer, the executive director of Plastic Free Restaurants a non-profit that launched last year. 

Their mission is simple. They exist to eliminate single-use plastic from bars, restaurants, and schools by subsidizing the cost difference between the plastic they currently use and the reusable alternatives they agree to use moving forward. 

Free money to go plastic-free? Yes exactly!  

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Plastic Free Restaurants is actively helping restaurant owners to go over the scariest barrier blocking the change to sustainability: the cost.

But we couldn’t help but ask… 

Is it really money and the cost of eco-friendly products the main factor blocking the change towards sustainability?

That’s what people say. But in reality, things are a bit different. 

When John and the Plastic Free Restaurants team decided to fix and remove that cost barrier everyone was talking about, they realized a bigger issue was hiding behind this reason. 

Resistance to change started to show up. 

Whether we realize it or not, the cost is only an excuse. The real issue is the fear of change. 

Fear of changing their ways of doing and trying something new. 

And this fear of change, hiding behind the fear of losing money is actually what makes us miss out on … EXTRA MONEY.

As Rethink Disposable highlights through dozens of case studies, choosing reusable options will actually help you SAVE MONEY in the long run. Check out their foodware calculator to help you understand how much you could actually save. 


Switching from a short-term vision to a long-term strategy is the key to success.

Not just for the health of our planet. But for the health of your business, too! 


Plastic Free Restaurants helps you make the transition! And they make it easy for you!

▶ If you’re ready for support, check out, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

▶  If you want to support Plastic Free Restaurants’ mission, learn more about how you can make a donation.

▶ And if you know any restaurants that are ALREADY plastic-free, let’s celebrate them! Email They are building a list of plastic-free restaurants to make it easier for customers to find them. 


To find out the whole story and where the inspiration to start this non-profit came from, we invite you to watch the full interview:

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