Can your Mental Health Improve When Adopting a More Sustainable Lifestyle?

We are all aware that adopting a more sustainable way of life is good for the planet. We are constantly being shown the positive impacts that living a green lifestyle has on our earthly home. 

What we may be less aware of is how making more sustainable choices impacts us and our personal wellbeing directly, too. Some of us may feel that living sustainably comes with an element of sacrifice. Taking care of the planet may feel like a job for some, something else to add to the list of things to do daily. 

Unfortunately, we live in a society where the easiest option tends to be the less friendly for the planet.

However, opting to slow down, and choosing to re-connect with what is kinder to the environment, hosts an abundance of positive elements for both our physical and mental health.

1. Sustainable products are healthier for us

For a product to be sustainable it implies that it doesn’t deplete natural nonrenewable resources, it does not harm the environment, and it was not made in a socially irresponsible manner. So it is of course a healthier choice for the planet. 

But as we interact with so many products every day, being surrounded by sustainable products is also better for our health and has a huge impact on our life. 

Eco-friendly products made with naturally sourced materials and ingredients are non-toxic. They do not contain plastic by-products that release toxic materials into our atmosphere and within the body. 

Did you know that plastic threatens human health on a global scale? As plastic production increases, our exposure to it will also increase. Unless we begin to choose differently. 

Choosing eco-friendly products in your home is the safest option for you and your family. Take care of your physical and mental health by staying away from nasty and often dangerous chemicals and avoid introducing them into your cozy home. 

2. Spending time in nature makes us happier

Our health and our environment are also directly linked. A primary aim of sustainability is to move us out of the ‘concrete jungle’ way of living and into greener, cleaner, and more nature-based living. After all, how many city dwellers love to head to their local park or green space to help ease stress? Urbanization separates us from nature, which in turn, impacts our mental health negatively

As humans, we enjoy the peace and calm that nature offers us. We aren’t built to reside indoors as much as we do in our modern age. Planting more trees, building community gardens, and creating parks, but also gardening and composting at home helps to counterbalance high pollution levels, reduce waste, improving our air quality, and in turn our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Just by creating a more sustainable environment, we have already given ourselves the opportunity to vastly improve our health, longevity, and mental wellness. 

3. Sustainable modes of transportation keep us more active

Studies show that people who use more sustainable modes of transport such as taking the bus, train, or biking and walking spend more time in nature, are more active and by consequences are happier, healthier, and have better mental health. 

4. Living sustainably gives us a real purpose

You can find abundant proof that the positive impacts of living sustainably far outweigh the negative.  

When we look at our mental health as a society, it’s important to recognize how our choices and environment impact us. Living sustainably gives us a sense of real purpose. This is our planet after all! We want to take care of it and it can feel incredibly fulfilling to know you’ve helped to make a real difference. 

It also brings about a sense of community when spreading awareness and connecting with people of a similar mindset to you.

5. Going green helps up be mindful and slow down

Going green also teaches us to be mindful and to slow down. To take the time to consider our own impact on the earth requires mental awareness. For us to be mindful of our day-to-day activities and habits. It reminds us to stop spending our time, energy, and money on things we don’t need, and instead it invites us to slow down, be more mindful, and be more present. 

Spending less, recycling more, buying from sustainable companies; these choices create a sense of wholeness within us. It feels good to care.

Going green and embodying a more sustainable way of life doesn’t require radical life transformation either, as it can feel overwhelming at times. Remember that every small action step counts. Often the smaller, more consistent actions, create the most powerful impact. Swapping out your cleaning materials, reducing your plastic usage, and walking a little more, all help aid the health of both you and the planet. If you’re making the conscious effort to be more environmentally responsible you will eventually experience big changes in your mental health, overall mood, and your standard of living.

Going green really is good for the soul! 

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