Make An Impact When Handwashing – with EcoSoap Bank

Washing your hands is a simple habit, yet one of the most effective ways to stay safe, healthy and stop the spread of germs and viruses. 


Yet, to this day, it is still a privilege that not everyone in the world has. 


According to UNICEF, “three billion people worldwide, including hundreds of millions of school-going children, do not have access to hand-washing facilities with soap.”


And this is why Eco-Soap Bank was born! 


We’ve interviewed Samir Lakhani, founder of Eco-Soap Bank. He shared with us his mission to help save lives across the world by making soap accessible to children in need.  Eco-Soap Bank collects leftover soaps from manufacturers and hotels and employs women in developing countries to recycle them into clean and affordable soap bars for their communities. 

Since 2015, Eco-Soap Bank has reached over 6 million children in 20+ developing countries. 

With the launch of SellSage new natural soap collection, Sasya, we are proud to join Eco-Soap Bank’s mission. When you choose Sasya by SellSage you are choosing cruelty-free and natural products and saving lives by making soaps available in other parts of the world.

Watch the full interview now!

For every 6 soap bars sold, we donate one soap to Eco-Soap Bank.

By doing so, we take full responsibility for our production and our waste and we help our customers make a conscious choice too.

Check out our entire soap collection coming out at the end of October 2021.

Get a soap that makes a difference! Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned! 

To learn more Eco-Soap Bank, we invite you to watch the interview and visit their website and social media.


Watch the interview now to learn more: 

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