Why You Need To Switch To Natural Soaps

These days, more people are looking into maintaining a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. From choosing organic wholesome foods, creating powerful fitness regimens, and leading more a holistic day-to-day life. Many individuals are more proactive in taking steps to live healthier. And we are so happy to witness that!

One big step in this direction is swapping industrial products that contain toxins to natural plant-based ones. Making sure we nourish our body with the right nutrients is important. And it’s not just about what we put inside our body. But also what we put on our body. 

This means: choosing the right skincare! 

Natural cosmetics are on the rise. People are becoming more aware and conscious of the many benefits natural products have for their skin and health, coupled with the positive environmental impact these products create. 

So... what are natural soaps?

Natural soap refers to products that are made of natural ingredients. Unlike regular soaps which are composed of largely synthetic chemicals, natural soaps are made up of ingredients that are plant-based: found in nature, or derived from living organisms, mainly plants.

We are firm believers that natural soaps are far better for you than regular store-bought soaps. 100% natural soaps contain nothing artificial, have little to no allergens, and bring only goodness to your skin. Simply put, natural soaps are healthier.

This is why our Sasya soap bars are 100% natural and handmade. 

Say no to toxins

As stated by the CDC, toxins are easily absorbed by the skin, and with the skin being the largest organ in the body, lifestyle choices and how you take care of your skin play a huge role in the health of our entire system.

A large amount of store-bought soaps are loaded with extra ingredients such as artificial colors, chemicals, and perfumes. Some even contain Tricoslan, a well-known endocrine disruptor, and carcinogen hidden under the guise of being an antibacterial agent. 

An ingredient you will probably see in many soaps is sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient was used in World War II as an engine degreaser and is now seen in many household goods. It is also known to be a skin irritant and disrupts the natural moisture balance of the skin, especially in children. Whilst these toxins may not cause instant reactions, the daily exposure over time may lead to health issues in our later lives.

Understand which ingredients you need

Fortunately, natural soaps contain none of these harmful ingredients. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are benefiting both your skin and health when choosing natural products.

But not every natural ingredient is good for you! Something to note when researching different brands is the use of palm oil, which can sometimes be found in natural soaps. This oil is a cheap resource but incredibly drying on the skin. It is also a well-known and documented source of devastation in our world’s jungles and forests. 

Sasya on the contrary is made with coconut oil. 

Synthetic scents, also named perfume on the ingredients list, can for some, cause mild allergic reactions and skin irritation. According to the American Academy of Dermatology fragrances are the leading cause of allergic reactions on the skin. This is why we only choose a natural perfume. 

Opting for natural soaps saves your skin from any un-friendly toxins and can help heal the skin, restoring its natural moisture balance and healthy bacteria. 

Sasya soap bars are made with coconut oil, natural perfume and herb/flower essence

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Safe for you, for the planet, and for animals!

If you’re concerned about animal welfare, natural cruelty-free soaps are the option for you. Sasya soaps are certified Leaping Bunny Certified and PETA for bunnies certified to ensure your soap has not been tested on animals. 

Choosing natural soap for you and your family is an investment into your health and it’s an easy eco-friendly and ethical swap to do! 

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