Celebrate Black Friday … the Ethical & Sustainable Way!

As one of the busiest global shopping days of the year, there are usually two main opinions when it comes to Black Friday: people either love it (to the point of obsession) or they hate it (including protests and multiple campaigns to halt the whole thing).

It’s a time that creates a mass need for discounts and often leads to unnecessary purchases and panic buying. 

It has actually been calculated that ‘1 in 10 don’t use their Black Friday purchase’ as they are hasty sales and often bought with no awareness. 

This year we wanted to share with you how to turn this controversial time into a force for good. 


Were you getting excited about scoring some good deals for Black Friday? Nothing wrong with that!

The good news is that you don’t need to boycott Black Friday! By shopping with a sustainable mindset, you can have it all! 

How to shop sustainably? Follow these 2 rules:

1. Shop ethical

This is a great time to support conscious, environmentally friendly, and small brands. 

Looking for eco-friendly products? These sustainable certifications help you avoid greenwashing.

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2. Stick to what you need

Even the most sustainable, clean, ethical purchase will be a waste if you actually don’t need it! So before hitting the BUY NOW button make sure this is a purchase that will serve you now or in the future. 


There are many ways to transform a day, often associated with product (and financial) waste, into an uplifting and powerful day of change-making.

Here are some ways to make some seriously powerful global contributions:

1. Donate instead

It’s been an intense year (or two!!), and we have all banded together as one big community to get through the tough times. So, this Black Friday, let’s continue the community spirit to give to those in need instead of grabbing a bargain.

This can be anything from giving to your local homeless shelter, volunteering your time or money to a local fundraiser, or donating through companies whose mission is to protect the environment.

Instead of buying, what can you share and give instead?

2. Give #buynothingday a try

Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism. Set up twenty-five years ago as an alternative to the frenzied day of shopping and spending, it encourages people to take a stand against consumerism by not spending a penny. It was started in Canada in September 1992 as a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption and the effects of human greed on the environment.

Challenge yourself, your family, and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into real day-to-day life. The rules are quite simple, for 24 hours you will detox from making any purchases – anyone can take part and who knows, maybe you will discover something new about yourself?

Every year Buy Nothing Day sends out a message in favor of lower consumption and greater environmental awareness.

3. Celebrate Green Friday instead

Each year the chaos that is Black Friday arrives, causing frantic and needless spending – and even, disappointingly, violence. 

However, fear not, there is a growing movement away from these impulsive behaviors. We are slowly moving towards a much more positive relationship with life, the world, and material possessions.

Green Friday, held on the same day, is a day dedicated to delighting in the wonders of nature. Rather than being stuck indoors on our phones and laptops competing for discounts, or rushing around artificially lit stores buying products we don’t necessarily need, Green Friday is about gifting ourselves with some well-needed playtime outside.

What’s the Green Friday ethos?

  • Getting active and healthy, having fun, and being out in nature
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Giving, sharing, and investing in others and worthwhile causes


Make a stand this Black Friday by standing with mother nature, literally. Take time to walk, hike, run or bike outside.

You can also join the #optoutside movement: Tag your adventures on Instagram with #optoutside to join the conversation. This could even be a 5-minute walk around the block or walking/cycling to work instead of using public transport.

Fresh air and daylight are wonderful for our mental and physical wellbeing, offering us benefits that money can’t truly buy. 

Switch from consumer mode to human being mode

Green Friday challenges us to not follow the crowds. Encouraging us to move away from hard consumerism and glide towards enjoying the simple beauties in life that money can’t buy. Green Friday is all about giving, and investing in things that really matter and make life fulfilling, worthwhile, and even beautiful.

So how are you going to spend your Black Friday? 

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