Sustainable Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

When it comes to purchasing the perfect holiday gift, you might be on the hunt for something “unique” or “practical” — but what about “sustainable”? Because let’s be honest: We’ve all been at the receiving end of a gift that ended up in the trash after a couple of weeks. 

Are you one of those highly organized people who are prepared for the up and coming winter holidays? Or do you still have gifts to buy? Either way, why not re-consider some of your usual holiday purchases to see if you can make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Environmental sustainability occurs when natural resources are preserved, meaning our purchases do not harm the environment. Sustainability is the responsible use of environmental resources in the present so that future generations will have enough to meet their needs. 

Consider these statistics from the CDC:

  • Americans throw away about 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.
  • If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.
  • About 35% of Americans have an unused Christmas present collecting dust in their closets.

Instead of contributing to all of the unnecessary waste that is created during the holidays, consider being kinder to the planet by buying some eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones – not only will they be more thoughtful and appreciated, but the earth will thank you too!

Support sustainable brands

With the sheer volume of information out there, it can be overwhelming to find sustainable brands that offer gifts you and your loved ones will truly value. After all, how do you truly know if a brand is sustainable? To help you begin your search we’ve listed a few identifiable traits below:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): The standard for organic textiles.

Fair Trade Certified: Discloses how ethically a product was produced.

OEKO-TEX Certified: Shows that textiles were tested for harmful substances.

Made Safe Certified: Certified products with safe, non-toxic ingredients.

Certified B Corporation: Awarded if a company scores an 80 or higher on a rigorous assessment of environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Leaping Bunny Certified: Shows that a product used cruelty-free testing. Our new Sasya soaps are leaping bunny certified!

For more information on sustainable certifications, click here.

At SellSage we are proud to be fully eco-friendly. With sustainability as our prime focus, all our products have been mindfully selected with the goal of leaving the smallest carbon footprint for our planet. 

Other sustainable brands that offer great gifting ideas include:


If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ve likely heard of Patagonia. The well-known brand specializes in apparel and materials for outdoor activities of all types: fishing, hiking, climbing, camping and so on. It also happens to be one of the highest-rated B Corps out there.


Over 40% of Athleta clothing is made from recycled and sustainable materials, and the brand hopes to double that number to 80% soon. Not to mention the brand is also B Corp.

Madewell/Parks Project

If you’re a big hiker or traveler, you may be familiar with Parks Project, a clothing brand that aims to educate, advocate for protected lands and donate proceeds to fund vital National Parks projects. Madewell teamed up with Parks Project this year to create an exclusive collection and each purchase comes with a free “Leave It Better [than you found it]” bag for collecting trash, encouraging people to visit parks and keep them clean.

Being sustainable looks different for everyone; not everyone has the same access to resources or money to invest in a zero-waste lifestyle. However, there are options within reach for everyone when it comes to reducing waste and living a little bit greener. Especially when it comes to gifting! It’s these small choices that add up to big changes across the globe—reducing waste in landfills, giving materials a second life, and cleaning the oceans.

For those wanting to really reduce waste this season consider a non-product-based gift. 

Some unique alternatives to product-based gifts include:

Sustainable experiences

Gift a sustainable experience this holiday season with Tinggly. Their tagline of “give stories, not stuff” showcases their commitment to offering gifts and experiences that people will love, whilst creating big positive change. With travel gift cards from Tinggly, the recipient chooses what they want to do, where and when, from 100s of sustainable experiences in over 100 countries around the world

Give the gift of service

Although this may sound like more of a boring gift, paying for a service like rent, house cleaning or yard work can really make a positive impact on a loved one’s life. Maybe even offer to provide a service yourself if you’re low on funds.

Memberships or seasonal passes

Give a gift that can be cherished throughout the year with an annual membership or season pass. The opera or theatre, environmental organization memberships, national park pass, or museum memberships are just a few places to experience all year round.

Classes or Workshops

Think cooking classes, surfing lessons, art courses, or writing classes. No matter what your loved one is interested in there will sure to be a class to suit.

For those on a tighter budget here we have listed some fun gift ideas that do not involve monetary exchange! 

A year worth of adventures

Grab twelve envelopes and in each one slip a piece of paper with plans for a free date/outing you can do with your loved one that month. At the start of each month in the new year, have them open up the envelope to see what fun lies ahead.

Do something for the planet in their name

Clean up trash on the beach, donate to their favorite charity, serve meals in a soup kitchen, or give blood in their name. It’s definitely one of the most thoughtful ways to celebrate.

No matter what you gift this season, there is a sustainable swap that can be made. 

Happy gifting!

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