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Impacting business and individuals for a green tomorrow.

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Impacting business and individuals for a green tomorrow.

Who are we?

We are a young group of individuals passionate about environmental change. Our goal is to promote sustainable living and make it the norm. We wish to enlighten and inform you along the way so we can all be a little kinder towards our planet. We hope you enjoy this journey of sustainability with us.

Making E-commerce Eco-friendly

With everyone buying online, we know there is a way to make it sustainable for us and the planet. We make sure our raw materials are earth-friendly by sourcing our products from factories that follow good manufacturing practices to ensure workers in the supply chain are fairly treated. We are eco-conscious and transparent at every stage. We only sell products that have been tested and meet some of the most stringent requirements to gain the approval of the environmental community.

We are...

  • Strongly against animal testing

    We believe that animal testing is cruel. We respect animals and believe that every life matters.

  • Firm believers in fair trade

    We make sure all the people who come together to bring you the product are respected and their rights are not violated.

  • A certified minority-owned business

    We possess an NMCDC certificate (National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.)

  • Advocates for scientific testing

    We obtain relevant certifications for our products to build credibility after they are properly tested. Please check out our products and the certifications under them.

Causes we support

Creating awareness of critical issues is the first step toward positive action. This is precisely why we have weekly blog posts on topics related to climate change, sustainability, lifestyle, and the environment. Make sure you subscribe to receive our weekly posts and follow us on our social media handles for more.

Do you have a cause that you think deserves support? Would you like to volunteer with us? or are you in need of clean-up equipment? We are happy to collaborate with you. Please reach out to us at

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