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12 Products To Stop Buying And Start Swapping!


Read time: 6mins


Not sure where to start your eco-friendly journey? Get inspired by our favorite swaps!

Plastic cutlery & tableware

Say no to single-use plastic and yes to compostable tableware and cutlery. SellSage products are made of naturally fallen palm leaves, they look better than plastic, they are sturdy and they decompose in 45 days in your own compost!

Disposable razor

Swap your broken plastic disposable razor with a sturdy safety razor. Easy to use, clean, and will last a long long time!

Sanitary pads & tampons

Try the cup, washable pads, and period underwear and you’ll never go back! It’s healthier for you and the planet!

Body Lotions

Body lotions can be pricey, packed with chemicals, and create packaging waste. Instead, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or shea butter are a great swap and will last you a long time.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Make beautifully wrapped gifts using old clothes or fabric that can be reused afterward, or be creative using newspapers or magazines.

Mason Jars

Want to store your food or your bulk products? You don’t need to buy mason jars, your house is probably full of them already! Collect all your glass jars, take off the labels and use them as containers!

Aluminum sheets

Buy (or make your own) beeswax wraps and if you need baking sheets use a reusable one that you can just clean after using it.

Plastic gloves

Disposable gloves help us stay safe and clean. But we don’t buy plastic gloves anymore! Instead, we use our disposable plant-based GloveUp gloves that are certified commercially compostable.

Disposable masks

The pandemic has unfortunately created a lot of additional waste. But it doesn’t need to be that way, you can stay safe and save the environment. We always have a few reusable masks around so we don’t need to use the disposable ones. (And they look prettier!)

Bottled shampoos and soaps

We switched to shampoo and soap bars and loving it! Super easy to carry around when traveling, they last longer, and they are less aggressive on the hair and body.

Paper towel

Give it a try. It might be hard at first but you’ll soon realize you don’t need paper towels when you have enough rags and sponges around!

So, which one are you going to try this month? Commit to one, and then another, and then another,… and start changing your lifestyle little by little!

We’ve got your back. Check out our compostable and sustainable collections of tableware and gloves.