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16 Eco-Friendly Products To Pack When Traveling


Read time: 6mins


Going on a trip? Have you thought of all your eco-friendly essentials?

Here is a list of what to pack and not forget on your next trip to help you reduce your waste and be a more conscious traveler.

To learn more about how to be a conscious traveler, click here.

1. Reusable Water Bottle

It’s a must! Make sure to pack your bottle with you! It will be useful at your destination but also during the trip! If you’re taking a plane, this will help you avoid having to buy plastic bottles at the airport and use 5 plastic cups on the plane. Feel free to ask the cabin crew to refill your bottle.

2. Water filters & purifiers

Research ahead of time if tap water at your destination is drinkable or not. If not, you’ll want to have a good water purifier. That will help you filter tap water and have always drinkable water accessible without buying water in plastic bottles. You’ll never run out of drinkable water nor won’t have to remember to buy some!

3. Soap & shampoo bar

Bring your own soap and shampoo bars. They don’t take much space, you can bring them in your carry-on since they are not liquid, you save on plastic packaging and you won’t need to use the tiny little bottles you’ll find at your accommodation. Pick bars made with natural ingredients that won’t leave any microplastics or chemicals behind. Better for you. Better for the planet!

4. Safety Razor

Switch to a safety razor to save on plastic! Make sure to pack your blades in your checked bag.

5. Reef-safe sunscreen

Regular sunscreen is made of chemicals that are causing damages to coral reef, ocean health, and other marine life. Make sure to pack your eco-friendly reef-safe sunscreen as you may not be able to find a good one at your destination!

6. Powder toothpaste

Natural powder toothpaste can be easily packed in your carry-on and will help reduce waste and its negative effects on the planet.

7. Reusable bags

It’s easy to remember to use our own bags when doing groceries at home as they are often in our cars ready to be used But make sure to grab a couple for your traveling adventures as well! Totes don’t take much space and can be extremely handy for gr

8. Travel coffee cup

If you love your coffee to-go, grab a travel coffee cup and ask to refill it. You’ll save on waste, you’ll keep your beverage warmer and some coffee shops might even give you an additional discount for bringing your own!

9. Compostable cutlery

Avoid using single-use plastic cutlery when you travel. Did you know they are one of the top 10 most deadly items found in the ocean? Instead, grab a set of our Plantry compostable cutlery, they’ll be useful for the plane and any of your to-go meals when traveling!

10. Reusable straw

It’s easy to slip a reusable straw into your bag. More and more places stopped giving out plastic straws but you can never be sure where they are following these sustainable practices. Be sure and bring your own!

11. To-go containers

Fight food waste and bring a container with you to keep leftover food for the next day.

12. Sewing kit

Go against the waste culture. Bring your own sewing kit to repair small holes and damages to your clothes that can happen when adventuring!

13. Laundry tabs

Pack light and only your favorite clothes and wash them with natural laundry tabs or powder you’ll carry with you.

14. Natural mosquitoes repellent

Mosquitoes can ruin a trip so make sure to bring mosquitoes repellent! But regular repellent can be harmful to your skin and to the environment. Get a natural repellent to avoid itching surprises.

15. Reusable masks

Make sure to have a few reusable masks as you’ll need them these days! Avoid using disposable ones that end up polluting the environment. Read more about how to reduce pandemic-related waste.

16. Compostable Gloves

Another personal protective equipment you’ll want to travel with is compostable gloves! Our GloveUp gloves come in individualized packages and are perfect for travel! Stay safe on the plane, when doing groceries, getting gas, and more while saving the environment! They are plant-based and BPI certifies commercially compostable!

Ready to make your next travel more eco-friendly?