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6 Reasons You Need To Start Composting At Home


Read time: 6mins


If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce your environmental impact and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then starting a compost at home is one of the easiest and most efficient actions you can take!

Every day we throw away valuable waste that could be turned back into compost. And by sending this waste to the landfill we are missing the opportunity to create a healthier environment.

What is compost?

Composting is a natural method that breaks down organic waste into fertilizer and soil. It is one of the best ways to reduce household waste and by consequences reducing landfill waste.

Did you know you can compost more than just vegetable peels and food scraps?

The amount of waste you can actually turn into compost might be bigger than you imagine! Think also of newspaper, egg boxes, leaves, toilet paper roll tubes, etc. Learn more about what you can and cannot compost + other beginner tips here.

6 benefits of composting at home

There are many benefits of starting your own compost at home. For the environment of course, but also for yourself and your community.


Composting contributes to making a cleaner environment. It’s one of the easiest actions you can start taking that will actually have a huge impact!

1. Cut down waste sent to landfill

You can easily reduce by half the waste you produce when you start composting.

Organic waste is meant to decompose and turn into rich compost. But in order to do that, it needs the right conditions – which a compost bin offers!

When we place compostable waste in the regular trash instead, we’re interrupting their natural process of decomposition and missing the opportunity to turn trash into compost!

Landfills also create a lot of methane emissions. Reducing waste in landfills helps thus lower your carbon footprint!

2. Create healthier and richer soil

The soil that you collect is what is called compost. It is a very enriched soil that helps retain moisture and help control diseases. Use it while gardening and you’ll see the difference!

3. Make a great fertilizer, chemical-free

Compost is a rich soil material that provides essential nutrients to plants. It helps reduce the need for other fertilizers that are heavy in chemicals.


Composting not only has advantages for the environment, it is also a practice you will find beneficial for yourself.

1. Improve your wellbeing

Spending more time in contact with nature helps improve your physical health and wellbeing.

But not only! When composting, you’re reducing your environmental impact and participating in creating a healthier planet. This is bigger than yourself.

Participating in a greater cause makes you feel part of something greater. And this is a good way to take care of our mental health.

To learn more about how living sustainably and wellbeing are linked, click here.

2. Better understand nature

When you start composting, you also start to better understand nature and the whole regenerative system. Seeing waste turning into useful material is a great lesson about how powerful nature is! Learning more about nature and living on Earth and how amazing our planet is one of the best ways to wanting to protect it!

3. Learn to waste less

By actively composting your leftovers and food waste, you also get a better idea of what you actually consume and what you are wasting. Food waste is a real problem in the United States. Composting at home gives you a clear picture of what you are wasting on a regular basis. You can then find solutions to reduce your waste. Buying less of a certain product, having meal plan to use what you have in the fridge, etc. This means you might also end up spending less money at the stores instead of buying stuff you will end up throwing away.

Let’s turn trash into much-needed and useful material!

Whether you have a big backyard or no outdoor space at all, you can find a composting solution for your needs! Learn more here.

Did you know our entire Plantry collection is 100% compostable? You can now get disposable tableware and cutlery that you can throw in the compost when used. It takes about 45 days to break down and turn in compost!

Finally disposable tableware that has no plastic nor chemicals and that will leave no trace behind!

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