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Not Your Trash… Still Your Responsibility, Here’s Why!


Read time: 6mins


SellSage met with Meag Schwartz, founder of Great Lakes Great Responsibility.

Great Lakes Great Responsibility is a non-profit dedicated to the protection of the Great Lakes. Their mission is simple: to inspire people to protect our most treasured resource, the freshwater of the Great Lakes.

How? By sharing knowledge, tools, and continuing to grow awareness on the importance of protecting our environment, but also by organizing volunteering cleanups and inviting you to do the same!

Their goal is to pick up 1 million pieces of trash from the shores of the Great Lakes. And you, too, can participate! Whether you want to join a bigger cleanup, organize one on your own, or just start picking up trash whenever you are enjoying the Great Lakes, you are invited to pick up any trash you encounter, report your data on the Great Lakes Great Responsibility site, and share your efforts with your community.

Learn more here to join the #GreatLakes1MillionChallenge

Not your trash… still your responsibility!

Whether you live by the Great Lakes or somewhere else, it is crucial that we all understand our responsibility when it comes to cleaning up litter. Getting frustrated with people littering is one thing. Taking action is another!

Why is it still your responsibility?

Why is it still your responsibility?

Most littering is not made on purpose. Trash can easily fly away and end up in the environment. When that’s the case who will feel responsible then? Who will pick up the trash?

If you have the education and resources to understand how important it is to protect the environment, then it is also your responsibility to do something about it.

If you feel helpless, this is something you can easily do! And by doing it, you will start influencing people around you, too! Don’t underestimate the power your actions can have!

What else can be done?

Picking up trash is the last resort. What we also need to focus on is to reduce the amount of waste we are producing!
The most common items found on the shores of the Great Lakes are cigarette butts, disposable masks, plastic gloves, and single-use plastic items. Why are they the most common? Because these are what we use the most, too! By reducing our consumption of such products, we also reduce its waste.
Plastic gloves for example can be swapped by our biodegradable and compostable

GloveUp Gloves

Single-use plastic plates and cutlery can be swapped by our Plantry compostable tableware

To better understand the current situation and what you can do, we invite you to watch the full interview with Meag Schwartz from Great Lakes Great Responsibility.
Watch the full interview now;

Click Here

To find out more about Great Lakes Great Responsibility, visit: and follow @greatlakesgreatresponsibility on social media

If you have a sense of helplessness and frustration when finding trash in your environment, then this is your invitation to start acting towards the future you want to live in! You can make a difference in your life, in your community, in the world!