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Why Is Compostable Dinnerware The Most Trending Thing Now?


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With the rise of eco-friendly living and more and more people becoming aware of their personal impacts on our planet, many of us are seeking greener alternatives to our everyday necessities.

One trend that is on the rise (and we're so happy about it!) is the usage of compostable dinnerware such as plates, bowls, trays, forks, knives, and spoons.

If you like to host parties, picnics, events or find yourself needing disposable tableware, then keep on reading! We're sharing with you why compostable dinnerware is trending and why you don't want to miss out on these new amazing products!

There are so many benefits to swapping plastic plates for compostable ones, it's a true win-win for you and for the planet!

No surprise it's so popular right now, and not just among eco lovers!

1. It's convenient! Disposable + Sustainable

Yes! Disposable can still be eco-friendly! No more dilemmas of having to choose between convenience and sustainability!

At SellSage we understand you can't (or don't want to) change your lifestyle completely. We realize people need from time to time single-use disposable products. Whether you don't have the facility to clean them afterward or you're hosting a big group of people or you want to cut down your cleaning time after an event, whatever your reasons you can now go choose the convenient solution that is green!

Because single-use doesn't need to harm the planet!

And this leads us to our second benefit.

2. It's 100% compostable

Our disposable tableware isn't just made from natural products. All our products, from our plates to our forks, are 100% compostable in your own compost!

Once you're done using your plates, bowls, and utensils, you can simply throw them in the compost along with any food waste you have.

That means that no waste is added to the landfill. You're actually transforming your waste into healthy fertilizer! Learn more about composting here.

3. It's sturdy

Disposable plates need to be more than eco-friendly. They also need to be sturdy to hold your food!

Our Plantry dinnerware is both flexible and durable. It is stronger and sturdier than paper plates! Each product can hold both hot and cold liquids and food while maintaining shape and without transferring heat!

Serving hot soup? No problems in our palm leaf bowls!

4. It's kid-friendly

Organizing a birthday party with kids? Then compostable dinnerware will be the perfect addition to your decoration list! Keep your fancy (or any breakable) dinnerware tucked away for the occasion and go compostable for a stress-free party!

5. It's elegant

The natural look of the Areca palm leaf makes it easy to incorporate into any decoration! From themed birthday parties to garden parties with charcuterie boards, formal business events, or low-waste weddings, this compostable dinnerware is both eco-friendly and stylish!

picture: low-waste wedding using our Plantry tableware by the Green Wedding Guild

6. Made from naturally fallen palm leaves. No trees were harmed

In order to know if a product is sustainable, it's important to consider both how the product will be disposed of after being used as well as how it's being produced.

Our compostable dinnerware is made from naturally fallen palm leaves. This means we collect leaves that have fallen to the ground. No trees are harmed in the process making this product truly sustainable.

7. Ethical sourcing

If the material we use is important, the way we source it also matters! Our supply chain enables local communities to thrive with a fair share of product income.

The raw material comes from the Areca Palm Tree. They are ethically sourced to be processed in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities.

8. It's better for your body!

You might not realize that plastic food containers and packaging (especially when heated!) contaminate the food we eat and the water we drink. Every time we come in contact with plastic, we risk absorbing plastic particles, chemicals, and even hormone disruptors.

Researchers have now announced finding microplastic in people's bloodstream, lung tissue, and even placentas.

When you choose compostable eco-friendly tableware over plastic you reduce the number of chemicals that enter your body.

Our compostable products are toxin-free, chemical-free, and pesticide-free. Swapping your single-use plastic items such as plates and forks for compostable natural ones is not only a smart choice for the planet but for your health as well!

JeriKay from @jk_farmhouselove using our compostable bowls and spoons

9. It's better for the soil

It's important that our compostable products are toxin-free, chemical-free, and pesticide-free for your health but also for the health of the Earth. Once it's being composted it won't pollute the Earth, unlike plastic which releases numerous harmful toxins into the soils and atmosphere.

Learn more about the hidden environmental impacts of bioplastics and what we can do about it.

When it comes to usability, our compostable products do not fall behind. By switching to fully compostable tableware, you are not only helping to keep you and your family but making a positive contribution towards helping our planet to thrive, too.

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