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The future is shaped by our actions today.

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The future is shaped by our actions today.

Where do we come in?

In line with our mission and vision, environmental sustainability is important to us. Being an eco-conscious company in today's consumerist society is as tough as it gets. However, we at SellSage want to stay true to our goals and want to promote sustainable living through our products and our blogs so it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

We realize the need for some of the products is always going to be there. So, what if we replace the products we would inevitably use with an alternative, less harmful to the planet?

Ethical Sourcing and Trade

Our supply chain enables local communities to thrive with a fair share of product income. The raw materials we use are ethically sourced to be processed in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities.

We are proud to play a part in empowering these local communities through our fair wage policies and thankful for their commitment to crafting high-quality products for customers.


We consolidated our business commitment to give back by contributing 90,000+ bars of soap to EcoSoaps Bank to further health and hygiene efforts in Sierra Leone. For every six bars of soap sold, we also donate one to EcoSoaps Bank.

We believe in transparency and accountability every step of the way. Since we are a fairly young company, we are only able to do so much as of now but we hope to do more as we grow.

Causes we support

We believe creating awareness of critical issues is the first step towards positive action. This is precisely why we have weekly blog posts on topics related to climate change, sustainability, lifestyle, and the environment. Make sure you subscribe to us to receive our weekly posts and follow us on our social media handles for more.

Do you have a cause that you think deserves support? Would you like to volunteer with us? or are you in need of clean-up equipment? We are happy to collaborate with you. Please reach out to us

Visions for the future

We are driven by the passion of creating awareness of eco-friendly goods and making them accessible to the larger part of the world. SellSage is actively making efforts at both the business and consumer levels to transform the world towards sustainable living and inspire confidence through scientific testing and validation.